How Amplified Medius brings in efficiency

Evaluate bids from a wide range of media channels and marketing agencies

Marketers can now get a grip on their ROI by selecting the most competitive agency. They now have innovation at the click of a button and can craft marketing campaigns in a jiffy.

Browsing through categories, searching, shortlisting and selecting the right marketing partner are combined in this single enterprise-class solution.

A quick glance at Amplified Medius features

Cost Effective Amplified Medius helps brands achieve more, while spending less.

Engage with Vendors Now you can simplify your process of evaluation and shift to multiple vendors .

Budget Planning Customers search and buy marketing services for their business and see immediate savings of 10-30%.

Collaboration You can evaluate multiple vendors, domains and services saving your time energy and budgeting your cost.

Organized Services The marketing services sector is highly unorganized, marketers will now find the right marketing partner at ease.

Universal Accessibility Search and directly connect with agencies, explain their needs, and contact them as and when required.

Amplified Medius has the right solution for everyone

Journey of Marketers

Every marketer faces different challenges; some teams are stuck on searching the right digital marketing agency, while others are having trouble finding the right budget planning for their needs.


Marketers are under pressure to figure out how to utilize technology to automate buying processes and, as a result, how to add value and ensure transparency in planning, buying and measurement. We foresee some major elements that are essential for capturing full value from media expenditure:

  • Transparency - Marketers are entitled to full return on value for their money spent. Are you paying proper prices for media, especially as marketing expenditure can be a big amount. As a¬†Marketer, you also need to know what is and is not working. This is especially important as we move into digital era, claims for online marketing in particular need better validation and documentation
  • Content - As "old media" loses some of its grip, marketers need to be smarter about how to reach their consumers and understand the best ways to do so. Exploring new avenues, however, raises transparency and value concerns, as agencies charge much higher fees for this kind of work. Clients need a good understanding of how value Is delivered when new content is involved.
  • Technology - Media buying in the digital age is far too complex for analysis by calculator or spreadsheet. Clients need access to sophisticated modeling and analytics, as well as input from massive databases on global media costs and impressions.

Ideal for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small business owners
  • Start-Ups

You will feel the difference now as you've got the right partner.


Attract The world is busting with marketing agencies. Get a chance to attract the marketing agencies with the right set of skills to help you build and expand your brand.

Engage Invite proposals and a presentation of their capability from the desired marketing agencies to select the most suitable marketing partner for your brand.

Convert Select the best marketing agency and interact with them on this innovative platform for flawless execution and expected ROI.