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Easily find top agencies

Amplified Medius allows you to easily find quality agencies

  • Register with us and post a job. Tell us about your project and the specific skills required.
  • Enter the skills required, preferred location, ratings etc.

Hire the best agency

Review the bids submitted by agencies and hire your favorite.

  • Browse profiles. View profiles to see client ratings, portfolios, Job Success scores, and more.
  • Review proposals. Evaluate bids, shortlist agencies and select the best.
  • Connect with them.

Search the best marketers

Amplified Medius allows you to connect with top marketers

  • Register with us and view the RFP (Request for proposals). Tell us your experience and proficiency
  • Search for marketers by location, work history, ratings etc.

Get Hired Quickly

Submit bids on listed proposals, connect with marketers and begin doing great work.

  • Browse projects. View marketers profile to see their ratings, work history, and more.
  • Review proposals. Submit bids and get selected.
  • Connect with them.