Amplified Medius is a web-based platform that brings agencies and marketers to work together remotely. It is a one stop shop to fulfill all your business needs whether its crafting a world class campaign or looking for an efficient advertising vendor. Amplified Medius helps you in nurturing and curating the best business practices for your organization. By simply registering with Amplified Medius you can select the right medium to grow your business and excel multi dimensionally across all spectrums.

We help build marketing campaigns and scale them through our multi agency outreach. Whether you are a small or a big company we cater to all sizes and build your campaign flawlessly.

Find Incredible Media Agencies. Explore wide variety of marketing platforms.
Request Quotes. Compare. Decide. Spread the buzz.

Amplified Medius is an integrated end-to-end platform for media planning, sourcing and buying. With a simple click of a button, find the right marketing medium and agency, amplify your product or & service and maximize return on investment. We, at Amplified Medius allow you to automate buying & related processes and, also add value by ensuring transparency in planning and measurement.

Media buying has become an increasingly complex and opaque area. Medium or media selection is unique decision to be made by every advertiser or marketer. In our view, companies need better tools for making media decisions, for monitoring the execution of media buys and for evaluating the cost and the effectiveness of those purchases versus other alternatives. With a thorough study of each medium and vehicle, we will poise you for making vital decision.